the ugly duckling

so, in a #world before #smart, there was this #swan who gave birth and #completely didn’t #notice. in that same #world, there was a #duck, curiously enough, giving birth in the same lake at the same time. can you #imagine the noise that was to be heard that morning with the honking and quacking and the father birds trying desperately not to get seen edging away in search of television sets and motoring magazines? i assure you, there were feathers to be seen flying and water churned to near boiling #point. that being said, six ##ducklings and seven #signets entered the #world that day, almost as wet and sticky as the day they were conceived. this, of course, being a #world before #smart, is a #world without counting. we shall ignore those numbers in exactly the same manner as their mothers.

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there was a girl. an average girl. for a princess, that is. so not so average. but she looked fairly normal, a little tall, curly #black #hair, surprisingly foreign. amazing that her #father didn’t suspect her mother of having an affair with the #tailor. but that’s a story for another day altogether. they raised her as their own and her mother said nothing about it at all. her #father quietly had the #tailor dropped in the #river behind the castle without anyone really noticing except that the quality of the suits in the city was definitely at an all time low. but nobody said anything about it at all.

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#timewrite #alpha

#Timewrite prompts are to be written as ten-minute exercises as either two half-page prompts or one full-page prompt to stimulate longer writing and #free your writing from the constraints of #structure and #dogma. Continue Reading…

#quickwrite #alpha

#Quickwrite prompts are to be written as one-minute exercises as groups of ten to get your #mind working so you can #write and be #free. Continue Reading…

#undefined alpha

#word #Meaningless object existing in #imaginary #worlds and reproduced using #light. Often rumored to have medicinal qualities and used in the treatment of mental illness; may cause #random and sudden #happiness, #sadness, #love, and #hate, when used in combination. Human’s most dangerous weapon. No cure known to date.

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Project Undefined

Sometimes we start new projects and never seem to finish them. I am perhaps more guilty of that than most but I believe that it would be a terrible waste not to try. The new project that I am beginning is a different approach to the English language. We live with a language that is hopelessly out of date while it becomes the undying standard in world communication. Words are used more for their hidden meanings than for their defined ones and often mean nothing at all. What this project will pursue is new definitions of words that are completely incorrect but will make you think, dear reader. That is, after all, the point both of language and of reading, is it not? I shall do this in installments and when enough have been collected here, they shall be moved to a book. If it is popular enough, it may be a printed volume but, for now, I only expect it to be a digital book. Many of my works have been out of print long enough that that is all that remains of them, realistically, anyway and I do almost all of my reading on a tablet. Welcome to the twentyfirst century. #projectundefined #wordsmakeyouthink

scotland the… brave?

right, so i’m not exactly the most prodemocratic of thinkers at the best of times but i am constantly asked about the possibility of scotland’s independence from the union. here are the three answers that i should give you if you have time…

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the camera inside

the camera inside.

[ or ]

from tool to artist.


The Camera Inside.

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Narrative as History’s Replacement

Analysis of Falling and Seeing the Air

An analysis of two partial short story collections by the author.

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self under glass

self under glass.

[ or ]

scratches of unconfessed.


I[i], as is distinctly outside the realm of my typical style, write this document distinctly as the first-person subject. This curious use of the perpendicular pronoun is a mirror, placed near, if not against, the topic. Autobiography is, perhaps, the most complex form of fiction writing. Objectivity[ii] is the writer’s autopilot, subjectivity[iii], his textual intercourse[iv] with a high-maintenance muse.

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