myth four — shakespeare is dead.

he is. but writing isn’t. there is plenty of good writing to be done and much of it is of better quality than shakespeare. you can think of the bard as a historical example of what you may one day become. shakespeare is not the be-all and end-all of writing quality. he was a master in his field. and there are many more.

don’t let anyone tell you that all great writers are dead. or white. or male. or english.

actually, for that matter, don’t let anyone tell you that shakespeare was those things. except dead. we’re pretty sure he’s dead. but there’s no reason he couldn’t have been a group of french women, for example. unlikely. but we can’t lose hope, can we?


myth five — if you write, you won’t have sex any more.

writing is a solitary act.

so are many things. sleep is a solitary act. using the washroom is a solitary act. for most people, driving, walking, eating, and thought are solitary acts.

just because you do something alone does not make you a person who has no friends.

don’t worry. simply becoming a better writer does not make you unpopular. i have discovered that unpopularity is simply a function of luck. pick up the pen. love letters had to come from somewhere, right?


myth six — writing comes from the heart.

it can. most doesn’t. writing comes from the head. if you haven’t been acquainted with this particular part of your body yet, i suggest a speedy introduction. it may make you a sadder person but at least you’ll be aware of it.

self, meet brain. ah. nice to meet you. long time no see.

more myths next time…