as a writer of fiction and an academic studying the creation and interpretation of creative works, it is important to me to be active in the world of writing both short and long fiction. much of the short fiction that i write that is not contained in published collections is found here in the creative writing category. long fiction, however, is a little less easy to consume in this manner, although sometimes i will post a chapter of a work in progress.

i write books, short fiction, poetry, journals, and the occasional grocery list, although i usually just leave those on the refrigerator at home and am contemplating giving up on that genre as a lost cause. the blatant muse project is an online instruction manual that i am gradually completing to be a course in writing short and long fiction, completely without setting foot inside a classroom.


my style?

i figured you’d ask. i am a writer of thoughts. think stream of consciousness. and i am a writer of people. think multiple narratives. not to mention that i am a writer of sociocultural criticism. my fiction tends to be reality-based commentary on modern culture and terrorist-driven society from the perspective of multiple simultaneous narrators who communicate via interior monologue delivered through stream of consciousness.

if that sounds particularly complicated, the only thing that i can tell you is that it’s far simpler on the reader end. don’t be afraid. everything i write is designed to read as quickly as thought. i also experiment with color. you’ll see. these are some of my works of long fiction…