there are those who would say that it is childish. i agree wholeheartedly but i’m not sure why that is such a problem. sure i might be twenty but who says i can’t do things that don’t require vast amounts of worldly experience or high school graduation? #painting is #perhaps the most respected of the fine #arts. blatantly professional, viewed with such talent, provided the #painting is done with oil, #canvas, and exactly no numbers over which to place the #brush. graffiti has become an #art to be reckoned with even if the vast majority of so-called #artists are simply tagging things with their name and making buildings desperately require cleaning instead of #painting something striking or beautiful or contemplative or even creative that could give #art to a city desperately in need of it, as all cities everywhere are. still, if one says something negative about spray#paint in polite #artistic company (does such a thing exist somewhere?), there would most certainly be cross words and the speaker would most likely be covered in said spray#paint relatively quickly. or whenever he next sleeps. #perhaps both.

why, then, is it so terrible to #paint with fingers? the tactile response of the oil and pigment rushing back as no #brush can give feedback, creating form and line and depth and feeling and embracing the #art not simply mentally but literally, a hands-in experience where hands-on feels painfully lacking. of course it can be done by a child of two. that is not the point. you can hand a toddler a #paint#brush and watch stick figures emerge in vibrant colors on every surface in the room that is not the desired target. that takes little away from the #art of the adult who holds that same #brush.

#perhaps it is that it is too human, not far enough removed from the touch that makes us laugh, shiver, squirm. giving the power of touch to an #art form is a frightening concept for those who have never done such a thing. #perhaps it is a source of fear to those who believe that #art is something to be kept contained in a small box for a segregate few to perform in ways unseen and occasionally appreciated but only when the box is opened briefly and galleries, silences, and guidebooks are present.

#perhaps instead it is the target. there is no need for #canvas, although it is certainly possible to make use of it. hands have such a wide range of possibilities. they can caress brick and stone, cotton and #canvas, metal and skin. hands of #paint have no further restrictions than that, applying the possibility of brightness, #art, beauty, expression, joy, laughter anywhere that may be embraced.

i have tried this experiment on bricks and stones, #canvas and cloth, creating depth and image where no #paint existed minutes before. it is, of course, viewed from the outside as child’s play. i do not allow it to be viewed from the outside. especially now as she looks up at me, entreating me not only to embrace her but temporarily to make her skin the #canvas before she turns her talents on mine.

it is certainly childish. i am unrepentant. she is happy.

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