over the rainbow

somewhere, over the #rainbow, they tell me the bluebirds fly. curious, that, as they can’t even see the #rainbow from where they are. but true it may be. i saw a #rainbow this #morning and over it were these unmistakable birdlike forms. wait. those were airplanes. at least they were blue. i guess you can’t have it all. makes the song seem a little less romantic but definitely a lot more practical. under the #rainbow and those planes may have had a bit of a rough ride and an ocean landing, i expect.

what’s the good of #rainbows? is it simply an effect of the light or is there more to it than that? i saw a #rainbow this #morning and it made me smile. i saw the colors. it made me realize that i am moving too quickly, thinking too much, taking far too little time to stop and smell whatever flowers haven’t been urinated on by passing pets. of course, that means that i have to do something about it. what to do?

this #morning, i followed the #rainbow until it ended. it didn’t end in a place. it just somewhat disappeared and stopped being a #rainbow anymore. that’s where i had to assume it was leading. the river. i looked down into the river and saw my reflection and it was, while somewhat less colorful than the #rainbow, something that i rarely see outside my toilet and, while i should have expected it, it caught me a bit off guard. i don’t often see myself, hat and coat and umbrella when i am looking at myself trying to shave or some such.

i took this as a sign that i should reflect on myself. #life should be more fun, more relaxing, slower and faster at the same time. i have forgotten what it is like to go out and enjoy myself without having to plan everything ahead of time. i have forgotten what it is like not to have to go to work every day. it may be that a #rainbow is a meaningless effect of the light playing in the raindrops but those raindrops have washed away the necessity of this type of #life from my eyes.

it is from today that i will take back that part of my #life that i have been missing. i shall relearn how to play, how to be spontaneous, how to stop working typical hours and start living #life on a schedule that works for me so that i can do the things that i enjoy.

and they say that the important part of a #rainbow is that bluebirds are flying somewhere over it. the song got it all wrong. it’s far more important than that. the real #rainbow will teach you to fly away with your mind’s imaginings and recreate your #life in the image of your desires. no birds required.

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