#undefined alpha

#word #Meaningless object existing in #imaginary #worlds and reproduced using #light. Often rumored to have medicinal qualities and used in the treatment of mental illness; may cause #random and sudden #happiness, #sadness, #love, and #hate, when used in combination. Human’s most dangerous weapon. No cure known to date.

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Project Undefined

Sometimes we start new projects and never seem to finish them. I am perhaps more guilty of that than most but I believe that it would be a terrible waste not to try. The new project that I am beginning is a different approach to the English language. We live with a language that is hopelessly out of date while it becomes the undying standard in world communication. Words are used more for their hidden meanings than for their defined ones and often mean nothing at all. What this project will pursue is new definitions of words that are completely incorrect but will make you think, dear reader. That is, after all, the point both of language and of reading, is it not? I shall do this in installments and when enough have been collected here, they shall be moved to a book. If it is popular enough, it may be a printed volume but, for now, I only expect it to be a digital book. Many of my works have been out of print long enough that that is all that remains of them, realistically, anyway and I do almost all of my reading on a tablet. Welcome to the twentyfirst century. #projectundefined #wordsmakeyouthink