#timewrite #alpha

#Timewrite prompts are to be written as ten-minute exercises as either two half-page prompts or one full-page prompt to stimulate longer writing and #free your writing from the constraints of #structure and #dogma. Continue Reading…

#quickwrite #alpha

#Quickwrite prompts are to be written as one-minute exercises as groups of ten to get your #mind working so you can #write and be #free. Continue Reading…

Narrative as History’s Replacement

Analysis of Falling and Seeing the Air

An analysis of two partial short story collections by the author.

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self under glass

self under glass.

[ or ]

scratches of unconfessed.


I[i], as is distinctly outside the realm of my typical style, write this document distinctly as the first-person subject. This curious use of the perpendicular pronoun is a mirror, placed near, if not against, the topic. Autobiography is, perhaps, the most complex form of fiction writing. Objectivity[ii] is the writer’s autopilot, subjectivity[iii], his textual intercourse[iv] with a high-maintenance muse.

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writing one-oh-one

we’re going to start with an exercise. i want you to get a clock with a second-hand. a watch is fine. a stopwatch is better. a computer is decidedly ok. but what you need to be able to do is know when minutes are over.

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last one

myth ten — writing is about finding the inner self.

if it’s inner, there’s a reason it’s inner. it’s because you stuck it in there and built a brick wall.

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once more into the myths

myth seven — you must write what you know.

my first novel was about two young girls accused of a terrorist attack in ireland. i’ve never lived in ireland. i’ve never been accused of terrorism. i hope. i’ve never committed an act of terrorism. and i’ve never been in the police force, irish or otherwise. i have never experienced a suicide bombing. or witnessed one in person.

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myths continued

myth four — shakespeare is dead.

he is. but writing isn’t. there is plenty of good writing to be done and much of it is of better quality than shakespeare. you can think of the bard as a historical example of what you may one day become. shakespeare is not the be-all and end-all of writing quality. he was a master in his field. and there are many more.

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the beginning

i don’t know how to get started.

not surprising. in school, they tell you that it’s ok not to know how to write in elementary school. then you get to high school and they assume that you already know how it’s done. and you progress to university and they expect your innate ability to write creatively and critically to have developed. overnight. or at least over the summer between high school and university.

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blatant muse

so you want to learn how to write…


i mean, really?

no problem. trust me.

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